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A BioBreeds Breedable is a virtual pet created for use in and for Second Life™. It’s main characteristic is that it can replicate itself through a genetic mechanism, pretty much like it happens in nature. Each one has certain traits that can be inherited by its offspring and, thus, passes its genes on to the next generation. BioBreeds pets breed! You can choose ones you like, breed those, and attempt to get traits to pass down to the generations that follow. Some traits are rarer than others, giving those animals a greater value, should you choose to sell them.

BioBreeds Breedables have behaviors as well. They will listen to your commands and act as real pets. You can also attach creations to them, like a hat or a collar or something more elaborate. If you have some creation skills in Second Life™ you will only be limited by your imagination!

The BioBreeds Site!

This site offers you a wide range of services.

In our section called Traitopia you have a complete list of all our breedables and the traits that have been expressed so far.

You can access our dashboard to get a listing of all your current BioBreeds. This is here to help you manage your virtual pets. You can sell them too! Use our marketplace for this.

In our catalogue you will find a complete listing of our products. There you can purchase using L$ or BioChips; or you can visit our Main Store.

Use our community forums and share your experience with other users. It is our pleasure to receive your comments there. Join our BioBreeds group in Second Life. You will find there other breeders to chat with live and an excellent support team that will answer any question any time of the day. We really believe that is something you will want to try :).

Have a look at our tutorials where you will find more in-depth explanations of how to use your BioBreeds creations. In our support section you can file a ticket for our support team to review.

Our Breedables